Wuthering Waves: Danjin build and materials guide

Find the best weapons and Echoes for Danjin in Wuthering Waves
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Exact bloody retribution on all criminals with the best Wuthering Waves Danjin build. This 4-Star sword-wielder dealing Havoc Damage is a solid DPS Resonator with some support capabilities for fellow Havoc-type characters, making her a versatile pick-up for players.

Danjin’s Resonance Skill, Crimson Fragment, consumes some of her own HP for each strike and has different effects depending on when it’s used:

  • Carmine Gleam: Standard version, deals Havoc Damage in one strike.
  • Crimson Erosion: When used after Basic Attack 2, Dodge Counter, or Intro Skill, deals Havoc Damage in two strikes and applies Incinerating Will to the target, which boosts damage taken by enemies affected by it.
  • Sanguine Pulse: When used after Basic Attack 3, deals Havoc Damage in three strikes.

One of Danjin’s Inherent Skills enhances the damage dealt by Crimson Erosion when it was triggered after the Dodge Counter, doubling its HP loss and Ruby Blossom generation. Her second Inherent Skill provides a Heavy Attack Damage bonus following Sanguine Pulse.

Her Resonance Liberation, Crimson Bloom, consists of a series of strikes dealing Havoc Damage.

Danjin’s Forte Circuit accumulates Ruby Blossoms when Crimson Erosion is used, allowing her to activate the Heavy Attack: Chaoscleave after obtaining 60 Ruby Blossoms. This heals Danjin and deals Havoc Damage. You can also wait for 120 Ruby Blossoms, enhancing the attack’s damage. Using Basic Attack right after Chaoscleave allows you to make a Scatterbloom attack, dealing additional Havoc Damage. All of these moves are counted as Heavy Attacks.

Wuthering Waves Danjin screenshot.
Ruby Blossoms enable Danjin to activate powerful attacks. / Kuro Games

Her Intro Skill is a straightforward attack, while Danjin’s Outro provides a Havoc Damage bonus to the swapped-in Resonator.

Bolstering her capabilities further is possible by filling out Danjin’s Resonance Chain through the pull of duplicates. Sequence Node 1 (S1) provides Danjin with a stackable Attack modifier when she’s hitting targets affected by Incinerating Will and S2 adds a general damage bonus to that. S3 bolsters her Resonance Liberation Damage. S4 increases her Critical Rate when she’s got more than 60 Ruby Blossoms and always counts for Scatterbloom, even if all Ruby Blossoms were used to trigger Chaoscleave. S5 provides her with a Havoc Damage bonus when her HP is below a certain threshold and S6 allows Chaoscleave to trigger an Attack buff for the entire party.

Best Danjin weapons – Wuthering Waves

Similar to other sword-wielders, Danjin is best served with Emerald of Genesis, which provides the best mixture of stats for her. 

Best Danjin weapons in Wuthering Waves:

  • Emerald of Genesis (5-Star)
  • Commando of Conviction (4-Star)
  • Lumingloss (4-Star)
  • Lunar Cutter (4-Star)
  • Sword of Night (3-Star)
Wuthering Waves Danjin screenshot.
Danjin is bringing her blood sword for some extra violence. / Kuro Games

Best Danjin Echoes – Wuthering Waves

Danjin will want to have the Sun-sinking Eclipses Sonata Effect, providing her with more Havoc Damage, though Lingering Tunes can perform almost as well if you’re leaving her on the field for a long time. As her Main Echo you’ll want to target the Dreamless, which unleashes a series of powerful attacks, or the Crownless, which provides a Resonance Skill Damage bonus.

Naturally, Danjin is all about offensive stats – more so than most other characters, in fact. Since her Resonance Liberation is not that important to her damage output, you can forego the regular focus on Energy Regeneration. 

Best Danjin Echoes in Wuthering Waves:

  • Sonata Effect: Sun-sinking Eclipses (5-Set)
  • Main Echo: Dreamless

Best Echoes main stats for Danjin in Wuthering Waves:

  • 4 Cost: Critical Rate or Critical Damage
  • 3 Cost: Havoc Damage
  • 3 Cost: Havoc Damage
  • 1 Cost: Attack %
  • 1 Cost: Attack %

Best Echoes sub stats for Danjin in Wuthering Waves:

  • Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Attack %, Heavy Attack Damage, Resonance Skill Damage
Wuthering Waves Danjin screenshot.
Can't forget snacking in-between hunting down and torturing criminals. / Kuro Games

Best Danjin teams – Wuthering Waves

Danjin can work well as a Main DPS as well as in a Hybrid role thanks to her supportive skills.

  • Danjin (Main DPS), Mortefi (Hybrid), Verina (Support)

Relying on Heavy Attacks for most of her damage output, Danjin is best paired with Mortefi, who can bolster this type of damage and trigger lots of Coordinated Attacks after being switched out. Verina or Baizhi are – as usual – your best choices for support. Playing Danjin is a high risk, high rewards business, as she chews through her own HP quite rapidly.

  • Rover (Havoc) (Main DPS), Danjin (Hybrid), Verina (Support)

Danjin’s Outro Skill and – sometime down the line – S6 are fantastic support tools for Rover (Havoc), making them a power duo to be reckoned with.

Wuthering Waves Danjin screenshot.
Danjin is pretty versatile when it comes to her role, making her a valuable pick-up. / Kuro Games

Danjin ascension materials – Wuthering Waves

Once Danjin has joined your team, you’ll want to level them up as quickly as possible, for which you’ll require the following materials:

  • Crude Ring x4
  • Basic Ring x12
  • Improved Ring x12
  • Tailored Ring x4
  • Strife Tacet Core x46
  • Belle Poppy x60
  • Shell Credits x170,000

Crude Rings are common loot dropped by the human outlaws hanging out on the map. Strife Tacet Cores can only be obtained by defeating the Crownless. Belle Poppy can be plucked on the edges of the Sea of Flames. The best source of Shell Credits is the Simulation Challenge you can tackle at the Training Ground in Jinzhou.

In addition to leveling Danjin up, you’ll need to upgrade all of their skills. For this, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Crude Ring x25
  • Basic Ring x28
  • Improved Ring x40
  • Tailored Ring x57
  • Inert Metallic Drip x25
  • Reactive Metallic Drip x28
  • Polarized Metallic Drip x55
  • Heterized Metallic Drip x67
  • Dreamless Feather x26
  • Shell Credits x20,300,000

For the materials already mentioned, check above. Metallic Drip can be farmed in the Forgery Challenge: Flaming Remnants, which is accessible from the Guidebook, or purchased from Uncle Wei in Jinzhou in limited quantities. Dreamless Feather is a boss material from the Dreamless.

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