Wuthering Waves: Lingyang build and materials guide

Find the best weapons and Echoes for Lingyang in Wuthering Waves
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Fight courageously and show off your acrobatic skills with the best Wuthering Waves Lingyang build. A friendly and talented lion dancer, this 5-Star Glacio character excels in melee combat, but requires a good deal of attention and coordination to work effectively.

His Resonance Skill, Ancient Arts, is a straightforward attack dealing Glacio Damage. However, if you trigger his Resonance Skill after the third, fourth, or fifth move in his Basic Attack combo, Lingyang instead activates Furious Punches, enabling an enhanced version of his Basic Attack.

Lingyang’s Resonance Liberation, Strive: Lion’s Vigor, deals Glacio Damage to the target and activates a substantial Glacio Damage bonus for 50 seconds.

His Forte Circuit allows him to acquire Lion’s Spirit, which can be consumed to trigger special Heavy and Mid-air Attacks. After using this special Heavy Attack, Glorious Plunge, Lingyang enters the Striding Lion state, which replaces his skill set with an even more potent one until Lion’s Spirit runs out. 

Lingyang’s Inherent Skills buff Striding Lion as well as his Intro Skill, which deals Glacio Damage. His Outro releases an area-of-effect attack dealing Glacio Damage based on his Attack.

His Resonance Chain, which can be filled out by obtaining duplicates of the character, further boosts his capabilities. Sequence Node 1 (S1) improves his interruption resistance during Lion’s Vigor and S2 allows his Intro Skill to recover some Resonance Energy. S3 bolsters the damage done during Lion’s Vigor, while S4 provides a Glacio Damage boost for the entire party after his Outro Skill. S5 raises Lion’s Vigor’s direct damage and, finally, S6 improves the damage done during Striding Lion.

Best Lingyang weapons – Wuthering Waves

Lingyang’s kit is heavily focused on his Basic Attack, making Abyss Surges, a 5-Star option for gauntlets users, a suitable pick for him. It boosts Basic Attack and Resonance Skill Damage, provides Energy Regeneration, and additional Attack – all in all, this is a fantastic package for his needs.

Best Lingyang weapons in Wuthering Waves:

  • Abyss Surges (5-Star)
  • Hollow Mirage (4-Star)
  • Stonard (4-Star)
  • Gauntlets#21D (4-Star)
  • Gauntlets of Night (3-Star)
Wuthering Waves Lingyang screenshot.
Lingyang is an agile melee fighter. / Kuro Games

Best Lingyang Echoes – Wuthering Waves

Going for the Freezing Frost Sonata Effects pays dividends for Lingyang, as it provides solid bonuses to Glacio Damage. Same goes for Lampylumen Myriad, the optimal choice as Main Echo for Lingyang – it provides additional damage output, freezes enemies, and increases the active character’s Glacio as well Resonance Skill Damage.

As usual, you’ll want a solid amount of Energy Regeneration so that you can cast Lingyang’s Resonance Liberation once it’s off cooldown. Aside from that, it’s all about the offensive stats.

Best Lingyang Echoes in Wuthering Waves:

  • Sonata Effect: Freezing Frost (5-Set)
  • Main Echo: Lampylumen Myriad

Best Echoes main stats for Lingyang in Wuthering Waves:

  • 4 Cost: Critical Rate or Critical Damage
  • 3 Cost: Glacio Damage
  • 3 Cost: Glacio Damage
  • 1 Cost: Attack %
  • 1 Cost: Attack %

Best Echoes sub stats for Lingyang in Wuthering Waves:

  • Energy Regeneration, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Attack %, Basic Attack Damage
Wuthering Waves Lingyang screenshot.
Lingyang incorporates his dancing style into his martial arts. / Kuro Games

Best Lingyang teams – Wuthering Waves

Lingyang is definitely a second tier damage dealer right from the start (Encore fills a similar niche and does it better), but he should be able to carry you through the game’s initial content easily enough with the right team.

  • Lingyang (Main DPS), Sanhua (Hybrid), Verina (Support)

This party composition focuses on boosting Lingyang’s damage output as much as possible. As much of the damage dished out by his enhanced attacks still counts as Basic or Heavy Attack Damage, Sanhua is perfect as his companion thanks to her ability to buff Basic Attack Damage. Verina is the strongest healer and support in the game currently, providing a variety of excellent boons to the team at a low field time. With Sanhua and Verina not taking up much space, you can leave the bulk of the fighting to Lingyang.

If you’re looking for a more budget version of this set-up, then Baizhi is a solid substitute for Verina.

Lingyang ascension materials – Wuthering Waves

Once Lingyang has joined your team, you’ll want to level him up as quickly as possible, for which you’ll require the following materials:

  • LF Whisperin Core x4
  • MF Whisperin Core x12
  • HF Whisperin Core x12
  • FF Whisperin Core x4
  • Sound-Keeping Tacet Core x46
  • Coriolus x60
  • Shell Credits x170,000

Whisperin Cores are a common material dropped by the Tacet Discords roaming the map. Sound-Keeping Tacet Cores can only be obtained from challenging Lampylumen Myriad, the boss living underground at Tiger Maw Mine – which is perfect, since you want to farm this one anyways to obtain its Echo. Coriolus exclusively grows in Dim Forest. The best source of Shell Credits is the Simulation Challenge you can tackle at the Training Ground in Jinzhou.

In addition to leveling Lingyang up, you’ll need to upgrade all of his skills. For this, you’ll need the following materials:

  • LF Whisperin Core x25
  • MF Whisperin Core x28
  • HF Whisperin Core x40
  • FF Whisperin Core x57
  • Cadence Seed x25
  • Cadence Bud x28
  • Cadence Leaf x55
  • Cadence Blossom x67
  • Unending Destruction x26
  • Shell Credits x20,300,000

For the materials already mentioned, check above. Cadence Seeds and its derivatives can be farmed in the Forgery Challenge: Moonlit Groves, which is accessible from the Guidebook, or purchased from Uncle Wei in Jinzhou in limited quantities. Unending Destruction is dropped by Scar.

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