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Honkai: Star Rail Topaz revealed for update 1.4

Character from the IPC with a Trotter pet
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HoYoverse has revealed yet another 5-Star character that will join Honkai: Star Rail in update 1.4 in the form of Topaz, who is accompanied by her trusty Trotter companion Numby.

Topaz follows the Path of The Hunt and deals Fire Damage. She hasn’t made an appearance in the story of the game yet, but can be seen on the Trend of the Universal Market Light Cone. She belongs to the IPC, the galaxy’s largest and most powerful corporation, in which she serves as the Senior Manager of the Strategic Investment Department.

Honkai: Star Rail Topaz artwork.

Your first look at Topaz and Numby.

This is her official description:

"Extraterrestrial Satellite Communication" Topaz & Numby: "Money is a means, not an end. Work should make you happy... That's the most fundamental principle." Topaz, Senior Manager of the Strategic Investment Department in the Interastral Peace Corporation, and leader of the Special Debts Picket Team. Already a member of the "Ten Stonehearts" at a young age, Topaz's core stone is the "topaz of debt retrieval." Her partner, the Warp Trotter "Numby," is also capable of acutely perceiving where "riches" are located. It can even perform jobs involving security, debt collection, and actuarial sciences. Presently they are traversing the cosmos together, chasing down various debts and liabilities that negatively influence the IPC's commercial ventures.

Sam Slade has been confirmed as the English voice actress for Topaz.

Just yesterday, HoYoverse revealed that Jingliu would be another upcoming character for patch 1.4. With the second 5-Star character now confirmed, we might hear about the 4-Star unit that comes to the game alongside them.

Update 1.3 will be released first, however, containing the trio of Imbibitor Lunae, Fu Xuan, and Lynx as new characters alongside a variety of game improvements such as a boosted Trailblaze Power limit. An upcoming livestream will have more details about the patch this week.

Version 1.4 is set to arrive mid-October 2023, so you’ve got some time to gather up Stellar Jade for these characters.