Wuthering Waves tier list: best characters

Find the best Wuthering Waves characters to conquer the Tower of Adversity
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While any team composition can carry you through the Wuthering Waves story and open-world content, things get a little more challenging when you’re trying to conquer its endgame mode – the Tower of Adversity. Throwing difficult enemies at you and requiring you to field several teams, tackling this tough content requires some preparation.

Upgrading characters in Wuthering Waves requires time and effort, so it’s best to have a clear set of priorities when it comes to farming materials, especially at the start of the game where all of your Resonators demand attention.

This Wuthering Waves tier list will show you the best characters to use in the Tower of Adversity.

Wuthering Waves character tier list

Main DPS characters are powerful damage dealers who’ll be responsible for most of the team’s offensive output and often require the most time on the field. Hybrid characters can have several roles, either serving as a team’s Main DPS or as its secondary Sub DPS, which means that they contribute some damage, but are mostly there for other helpful effects they provide. Supports on the other hand are not part of the team for their direct damage – instead, they either provide buffs for the team, help it restore Energy, or heal the party. Naturally, the best Supports can do it all.

Characters are ranked from S+ on the high end to C on the low end, showing a general overview of their potential strength and usefulness. Resonators on the lower end may actually be quite strong in very specific circumstances, but the tier list attempts to provide a more general view of which units excel in a broad variety of scenarios. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t take lists like this one as gospel – play the characters that are most fun for you to play with.

Check out the list of upcoming Wuthering Waves characters to see how the list may change in the future and keep an eye out for active Wuthering Waves codes to obtain free pulls.

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